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Crazy-Cool Special Gadgets To Solve All The Problems You Never Knew You Had!

Left image shows a DIY paper airplane launcher. Right image shows a wrapping paper cutting tool.

We all have special gadgets that we use for one thing or another. I have a T-handled Titanium potato peeler in my kitchen that dates back to the 1990s. You could not convince me to trade it for a traditional peeler. I have a bread-slicing guide that folds and hides in a cabinet until I need it to cut evenly spaced slices in homemade bread. Gadgets make life easier, whether for the kitchen, the garage, or bagging fallen leaves in the yard.

1. Black Out Curtains Are Obsolete

In many homes, people use black-out curtains to keep outside lights from disturbing their sleep. In Germany, there is a special gadget that makes black-out curtains obsolete.

2. Tired Of The Dryer Eating All Your Socks?

The Laundry Sock Dock from Amazon will help you organize your socks and ensure that pairs make it through the entire wash and dry cycle. With the handy hook, you can hang these in your closet for easy storage too!

A special gadget that keeps pairs of socks together through washing, drying and storage.
Image from Amazon.

3. Trouble Opening Jars With Stuck-On Lids?

The handy-dandy jar opener is great for people with a weak grip. The multi-size tool provides the two things necessary to open stubborn jars; grip and leverage. You can stop running next door to beg the neighbor for help with this special gadget in your kitchen!

A special gadget that helps open stubborn jars.
Image from Amazon.

4. Got Regular Size Sheets And A Thicker Mattress?

Gorilla Clips will allow you to use your standard sheets with a deep or pillow-top mattress. This handy special gadget will let you sleep without worrying about when the sheet will pop off!

Special gadgets designed to keep fitted sheets in place on mattresses.
Image from Amazon.

5. Tube Squeezers Are A Special Gadget With Many Uses

Tired of trying to get all the toothpaste out of your tube? These handy tube squeezers are just what you need. I use them for oil and acrylic artists’ paints, hand lotion, hair dyes, and anything else in a tube. They allow you to get almost every last drop out of a tube rather than throwing it out due to frustration.

Special gadgets to help you roll tubes to get all the contents out.
Image from Amazon.

6. Could These Be The Most Perfect Ear Buds?

Nothing Tech makes see-through gadgets. They are known for their transparent phone. Now they have the most amazing earbuds. See for yourself.


Gotta be my new favorite tech‼️ the Nothing Ear (stick) is SO unique🎧 #nothingtech #nothingearstick #tech #gadget

♬ original sound – Kyle Krueger

7. Got An Annoying Neighbor? Show Them Some Karma!

These light kits from Govee can illuminate your home for extra security, or flash a continuous array of bright colors for the sole purpose of bugging that annoying neighbor!


Don’t let your home be left out of your summer glow up. Whether classic accented lighting or full-on RGBIC party mode, it’s super easy with Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights.✨ @wisteria_lodge_1903 (IG) 🙌 You prefer the classic accented or the party look?🪩#GoveeOutdoorLights  #summervibes #homedecor  #homeandgarden #interiorinspo #colorfulhome #lighting#fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Govee – Govee

8. You Can Make This DIY Special Gadget!

I can’t understand a single word this guy is saying, but I can follow along with the video. This homemade paper airplane launcher is the bee’s knees to keep your kiddos occupied. It can also teach them about aerodynamics. Couple it with a book on paper airplane design, and you have a great Christmas gift!

9. We All Need This Special Gadget To Cut Wrapping Paper!

This was invented by a 17-year-old kid who knew there had to be a better way. He was right, and this is phenomenal! This Shark Tank gadget is available on Amazon!

Image from Amazon.

10. Need A Perfect Glove Box Or Purse Tool Kit?

This thin rectangular box contains so many tools you’ll be able to fix everything around the house. For dads, it’s a perfect addition to a tackle box or a glove box. For mom, it’s small enough to carry in a purse. You can be “that mom” at all the PTA meetings!

I could keep exploring gadgets all night, but I will force myself to quit here. As you roll into the Christmas shopping season, include the special gadgets you want on your list for Santa Claus!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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