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Don’t Miss Tonight’s Full Strawberry Moon! Best Times To See & More

Close up of a pink full moon

We’re only a day into summer 2024, and there’s already a celestial event for us to keep our eyes out for! Tonight, we can expect to get a particularly beautiful view of this month’s full moon, also known as the strawberry moon. This name is oh-so fitting for a few reasons. As you probably know, June is the perfect time to snack on some fresh strawberries. But that’s not the only reason this name is so perfect!

Turns out, June’s full moon can sometimes give off a reddish or rose hue. This is most possible when the moon is particularly low in the sky, which will be the case tonight. In fact, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, it’ll be the “very lowest full moon we’ve seen in years.”

Close up of a pink full moon
Wikimedia Commons

That being said, not all of us will be able to admire the moon’s strawberry shade. This is most possible in areas of higher latitude in Europe. But don’t be too upset — the rest of us can still count on seeing a particularly large full moon!

Start the Summer of 2024 With a View of the Beautiful Strawberry Full Moon

For the best viewing experience, you’ll want to look toward the sky at the start of dusk. To find out when that time is for your area, you can use this Moonrise calculator! And, as usual, the best way to view any celestial event is to safety head out to an area with little to no lights. Have fun tonight, and may this be the start to an unforgettable summer!

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