Good Samaritan Goes On Epic Mission To Return Stranger’s Lost Wallet.

Dominique Coward was at a gas station in Raytown, Missouri, after work one day in August when he stumbled across a wallet someone else had left behind.

He considered just walking past it, but something inside him told him to take the time to pick it up. Once he looked inside, he knew he had to get it back to its rightful owner!

Bobby Dehart had stopped to get gas earlier and unknowingly dropped his wallet in the parking lot. Not only had he just cashed a paycheck and left $700 inside, but he was also carrying around several ID cards, including his Social Security number.

“I’m freaking out,” he said later. “Yeah, I’m not having a good time at all.”

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Luckily, everything ended up in good hands! Dominique went to every address listed on Bobby’s IDs until he eventually ended up at Bobby’s parents’ house. When he arrived, he returned the wallet safely to them and headed about the rest of his day.

Of course, Bobby was thrilled! He couldn’t believe someone had been so kind, so he made it his goal to find the good-natured stranger. The only problem was he didn’t know his name.

“I had to thank him, had to shake his hand,” he explained. “I had to know this guy.”

Now it was his turn to go to great lengths to meet Dominique! First, he went to the gas station, where he was able to get the license plate number of Dominique’s truck. From there, he used the power of social media to track him down. Once he did, the two of them scheduled a meeting and had the sweetest exchange!

“In today’s day and age, you don’t expect that type of reaction out of a problem like that,” Bobby said.

As for Dominique, he said he doesn’t think much of what he did. After all, it was just the right thing to do. “The only reward that I want is to continue to do the right things in life,” he added.

It’s safe to say, he has a strong record of doing just that! Thank you, Dominique, for reminding all of us to go above and beyond for our neighbors.

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