Dog’s “Injured” Leg Miraculously Recovers When Dad Says “No Walks.”

dog lifting paw

This dog may have been putting on a bit of a show for their owner. After the dog seemed injured, the owner suggested that he can’t go on a walk. But very quickly, the dog “recovered” from his (fake) injured leg!

Now, I’m not calling this dog a liar. Perhaps they’re just a bit of a drama queen.

supposedly injured dog running with their leash
This image is from YouTube.

This dog was hobbling around, lifting one paw (very daintily, I might add), looking like they had suffered a terrible leg injury. However, it seems that the dog was perhaps just seeking some extra pats on the head.

When the owner took this dog’s privilege to go on a walk away, the dog changed their tune. They dropped their foot and quickly ran over to their leash!

They grabbed their leash and chased the owner out of the house, encouraging a stroll because, miraculously, they had recovered!

This dog’s fake injured leg is taking the Internet by storm. Over 13 million people have viewed this adorable video!

“My husky used to ‘limp’ when we walked in a direction he didn’t want to go. And once we turned the other way, he would start trotting,” commented one viewer with a relatable situation.

Check out the clip for yourself below. What do you think this pup was up to?

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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