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Doggy BFFs Have Adorably Unhinged Reunion After Being Apart For 7 Months.

Dog Reunion

Whenever you think animals don’t form friendships with other animals, take a look at a video like the one below. It’s crystal clear that the two dogs in this video recognize one another, and remember all the good times they have had playing together! It doesn’t matter how much time passes or how much distance there is between them; they’ll revert to their easy friendship the second they’re together again.

In the video, a man from Victoria, British Columbia is at a dog park with his dog. The dog is watching a nearby car attentively, and the man asks, “Is that Shiloh?” The dog turns to look at his owner at the sound of the other dog’s name, and the anticipation cranks up even higher.

As Shiloh approaches, things are tense for a moment… and then they erupt into a flurry of affectionate pouncing and chest bumping, which is the dog equivalent of exuberant hugs! Apparently, these two furry friends were apart for 7 long months! Take a look at their sweet reunion in the video below, and be sure to share.

You can find the source of this article’s featured image here.

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