Hitchhiking Marmot Saved From Car Engine Compartment — Now He Gets To Go Home Safely!

marmot rescue

Have you ever heard of a marmot? These large rodents live in the northwestern United States, and typically don’t spend much time traveling in cars. That is, save for one spunky individual who accidentally made their way into an engine compartment. 


In a bizarre series of events, animal control officers in Nebraska recently had quite the surprise when they discovered a marmot had hitched a ride all the way from Wyoming in the engine compartment of a van. This unlikely stowaway left everyone scratching their heads and scrambling to safely rescue the bewildered animal. 

marmot in car engine

The bizarre situation started when the driver of the van noticed a strange noise coming from under the hood. Lincoln Animal Control, along with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, swiftly responded to the driver’s call. 

Upon investigation, they were stunned to find a marmot nestled deep within the engine compartment. 

Marmots are not native to Nebraska, which presented a unique challenge for the animal control officers. Lincoln Animal control described the situation in a Facebook post, stating that “The marmot was not easily reachable and due to marmots not being native to Nebraska, it was crucial that it did not escape.”

marmot rescuers

With the marmot proving to be quite elusive, the officers realized that a sedative was necessary to safely extract the critter from its hiding spot. A veterinarian quickly arrived at the scene and administered the sedative, ensuring that the marmot would remain calm throughout the process. With the marmot sedated, the officers carefully began the delicate extraction operation.

After successfully removing the marmot from the engine compartment, the marmot was transferred to the capable hands of the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, where it would receive necessary care and attention until transportation back to Wyoming could be arranged. 

marmot safe

While the exact details of the marmot’s journey remain a mystery, it’s highly likely that the marmot found a cozy spot within the van’s engine compartment while it was parked in Wyoming. What likely started as a curious adventure soon turned into an unexpected cross-state journey.

Someone on the ground next to a car, holding a marmot apprehensively

This marmot was saved through the quick-thinking of wildlife officials, and the attentiveness of the owner of the vehicle. While this marmot’s journey may have taken an unusual turn, it serves as a reminder of the wonders and challenges faced by wildlife in our ever-changing world. 

Let’s cherish and protect the diverse creatures that share our planet, ensuring that they can continue to amaze us with their extraordinary escapades.

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