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Dog Who Walks On 2 Legs Looks Just Like A “Proper Gentleman” When He Wears His Hat.

Dexter the dog who walks on 2 legs wearing a jaunty hat

When Dexter the dog walks down the street, he can’t help but turn heads.

The 7-year-old Brittany spaniel escaped from his yard when he was just over a year old. Unfortunately, he was hit by a moving van while following his nose, and he severely injured his legs. His life was saved by his human dad, an EMT, and an excellent vet. Although he was fitted with a wheelchair after five corrective surgeries, he found his own way of moving around instead: on his two hind legs!

1. Dexter lives with his family in Ouray, Colorado. He’s incredibly active and loves to run full-speed.


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♬ original sound – dexter dog ouray

2. He has developed amazing balance and has never once fallen while walking on his hind legs.

3. He does he own a wheelchair, but he chose not to use it early on. He gets along just fine on his own!

4. He’s a very smart boy who knows exactly where treats are kept, and how to get them.


Dexter knows where the good stuff is hidden… his favorite way to get treats !! #dexterdogouray #sillydog #comedydog #crazydogmom #dogmomlife

♬ original sound – dexter dog ouray

5. His humans have created a TikTok channel to document their life with Dexter.


I’m sure you’re all very curious to know what my life is like living with Dexter the Dog, so here’s a sample of him waltzing in and out of rooms… #funnydog #doglife #funnydogsoftiktok #funnydogsvideo #funnydoggy #dexterdogouray #dexterdog #insidescoop #insidersecrets

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6. So far, they’ve got almost a million followers, and their videos have over 3.5 million likes.

7. Dexter gets a lot of attention wherever he goes, yet he’s still not the most unusual sight in Times Square!


When it’s night it’s fun to walk to Times Square with your dog. Make sure that you walk your dog in an upright position so that people will know that it is a friendly dog. 😉 #dexterdogouray #funnydogvideo #dogmomsoftiktok #timessquare

♬ original sound – dexter dog ouray

8. Many of Dexter’s fans ask questions about his capabilities. They want to know everything, like can he walk up hills?

9. Can he handle going upstairs and downstairs?

10. Did he learn to walk on his hind legs overnight?

11. Do dogs get confused when they see him?

12. Watching a few of his videos proves the most incredible thing about Dexter isn’t what you might think.

13. What’s it like taking a dog who walks on two legs out into the world?

14. Dexter is just a typical dog in most ways. No crumb is safe when he’s around!


The best way to get rid of those pesky crumbs is by walking around. You’ll be able go down the stairs with your head held high, knowing that no matter what happens you can still look good! #dogmomlife #doglifelover #dogmomlifestyle #petfunny #petcrazy #petstorytime #petlifebalance #petlifestyle #funnypup

♬ original sound – dexter dog ouray

15. Some of his most popular videos are the ones where he’s wearing a hat at a jaunty angle on his head, like a “proper gentleman.”

Dexter’s people say he’s the most cheerful dog ever, and he never lets his differences stop him. We could all learn a thing or two from this dog’s ability to adapt and overcome his circumstances!

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