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Photographer Wanders NYC To Tell “The Story Of Dogs” Through Pictures.

The Dogist photographs a golden retriever in NYC

If there’s one thing that photographer Elias Weiss Friedman has learned in his ten years on the job telling “the story of dogs,” it’s that most people love to talk about their dogs!

In fact, the New York City-based man says only one out of every 10 or 20 people on the street say no when he asks if he can photograph their dog. Elias is the founder and creative director of The Dogist, a social media project where he takes pictures of dogs and asks their owners about their personalities. Take a look at some of his interactions below to see why his talents have earned 4.5 million Instagram followers and over 7.1 million likes on TikTok!

1. Elias never leaves the house without his camera, lens wipes for accidental snoot-boops, dog treats, and squeaky toys. Here he is meeting a high maintenance Pomeranian whose owner explains, “He’s a Leo.”

2. Not every dog loves having his picture taken. This hound dog was not prepared to meet the “pupperazzi” today.”

3. For many dogs, “ball is life.” It’s a good thing Elias comes prepared to play!

4. This time Elias met a cute bull terrier whose owner says he makes “bad decisions.”

5. Elias often hands out business cards to curious people who want to see the finished portraits. “We definitely love dogs,” he tells this lady.

6. Some dogs are so friendly, Elias has no trouble coaxing a smile from them.

7. He couldn’t care less about others. Bubba only cares about fountains!

8. Elias always asks questions about the dogs’ personalities and character traits. In this video, he meets a Norwich terrier who, apparently, knows everything.

9. Parsley the Velcro dog has no concept of personal space, and her owner is okay with it!


Who doesn’t love a dog named after an herb? #nyc #dogphotographer

♬ Just a Happy Day – Audiosphere

10. Baby is a pitbull who loves babies!

11. Clyde lost his nose to cancer, but “it still works.”

12. Here’s Elias meeting a beautiful Chow Chow and her people.

13. All it took was a treat to win Winnie over.

14. Okay, the story of Twenty made us misty-eyed. We’re a sucker for a firefighting dog!


Remembering those who lost their lives on this day 21 years ago, and all the dogs who helped us grieve. #nyc #911

♬ New York, New York – Piano Instrumental

15. She dreamed she had a dog named Egg, and now she does.

Elias first stated The Dogist after being laid off from a corporate gig. He was inspired to “tell the story of dogs” by sites like Humans Of New York. We’re so glad he’s giving his perspective and talents to the world!

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