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Dog Creeps Toward Sleeping Baby, Then Softly Lifts Blanket For Heartwarming Interaction.

We’ve all heard and read amazing stories of dogs’ ability to show empathy and compassion, not only to each other but to other species — including humans.

Remember the heroic dog who risked her life to keep her owner warm after he broke his neck in freezing temperatures? How about the dog who formed an incredible connection with a boy on the autism spectrum who “couldn’t be touched?”

The lab mix in the video below is, once again, an example of a dogs’ incredible pure hearts as she keeps a close eye on her little human. The adorable video shows the dog “tucking in”an infant who was snoozing away on the family’s couch.

A short video clip shows a lab mix carefully swaddling a sleeping baby.

The infant is sleeping on a blanket, so the four-legged family member uses her muzzle to cover the baby then very methodically push the blanket down, nudging at the edges to ensure a snug fit.


How did this sweet dog know that babies love to be swaddled? Was this maternal instinct at work? Did the dog remember her own puppyhood and fondly recall feeling warm and secure while snugly among her siblings? Or did this dog just watch and learn from observing adult humans doing the same thing?


We’ll never know for sure, but thank goodness this moment was captured for us all to enjoy! Check it out below.

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