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Man’s Finds His Expired Parking Meter Mysteriously Paid, Then Sees Card On Windshield.

While good things come to those who wait, good things come quicker to those who hustle. This new age adage was proved true when a reddit user posted a photo of a note he found on his car he couldn’t help but smile about.

On the windshield, the original poster found a note from Andrew Cooney, a local insurance agent, that contained a simple and surprising message complete with a business card. “I paid your parking meter for you,” the note reads. “Imagine what else I’m willing to do to protect your car.”


As you’d imagine, the note went viral for all the right reasons. Thousands flocked to Cooney’s Facebook page to praise his tenacity and creative marketing strategy. As one commenter said, “change the rules, change the game.”


I know one thing. If ever I move to Rochester, Minnesota, the first person I call will be Andrew Cooney for all my insurance needs. Who wouldn’t after a stunt like this?

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