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Dog Stolen In Carjacking Emerges Safe 2 Days Later For A Joyous Reunion.

Man smiles wide, mouth open, as he turns away from one of his dogs. His wife stands near him, looking just as shocked and happy.

Getting robbed is horrible, but it’s all the worse when a loved one is taken away, too. That’s exactly what happened to this couple whose car was stolen. Of course losing a vehicle is crushing in and of itself, but the truly devastating part was that their dog, Lucy, was still inside the truck when it was taken. As many have pointed out, an object like a truck can be replaced, but creatures like our four-legged friends can’t.

I can only imagine how stressed and helplessness this couple must have felt when they waited to hear if their golden doodle had been found. Two days went by without any sight of her. Then, finally, suspects of the carjacking crashed the truck — and Lucy was still inside! (And unharmed).

The moment this happy couple reunited with Lucy was caught on camera, and it perfect captures the definition of pure joy! So many cheers and barks of celebration fill the house — it’s contagious!

Watch this sweet couple’s joyful reunion with their dog, Lucy, after they were carjacked in the video below.

This couple was carjacked a few weeks ago. Lucy, their golden doodle, was still inside the vehicle! The suspects crashed the truck and Lucy was STILL INSIDE! Lucy ended up being missing for 2 DAYS! This man was so heartbroken and this is their reunion!!
byu/Soloflow786 inMadeMeSmile

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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