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Smart Shiba Inu Knows Just What To Do When Mom Mentions The Vet.

shiba inu vet

It’s really hard to think of a reason not to get up in the morning when you’re surrounded by the scenic beauty of New Zealand’s north island.

That’s where Micki Fox lives with her family, which includes an adorable Shiba Inu named Lulu. Any other morning, the little spaz would be bugging the rest of the family to just get out of bed already so she can be fed, go for a walk, or at least play a game of fetch.

micki fox family shot

But Lulu’s nobody’s fool. She’s been a member of the family for a while now and she senses when something’s a little off.

The morning this hilarious video was taken, the smart Shiba picked up on it the moment Mom walked through the door to wake her up. Best to play dead until she can figure out what’s going on.

“You gonna wake up soon, sweetie?” Micki asks, reaching down and giving her pup a good belly rub and neck massage.

lulu shiba inu

And then, there it is: “You have to go to the vet soon, sweetie.”

Way to go, Mom. She may as well go get the defibrillator because there’s no way she’s getting out of bed now that she knows the horrors this day holds. But Mom’s persistent, and when her wheedling and cooing doesn’t do the trick she tugs at the blanket. Lulu’s one step ahead of her, though, because once her entire body’s exposed, it’s clear that rigor mortis has already set in. All she asks is that they bury her with her favorite squeaky toy.

shiba inu playing dead

“Oh well,” Micki says. “Dead puppies don’t get treats.”

“Tr- … Did you say treats?”


Gotcha! Watch Lulu’s convincing act in the video below, and share to spread more laughs!

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