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Dog Mom Solves The Mystery Of Knocked-Over Houseplant With One Glance At Dobermanns.

Zia and Storm the Dobermans

When reading canine body language, it’s pretty easy to tell when they’re feeling guilty. For starters, the guiltier they feel about their actions, the slower they move! Case in point, the video below by TikToker Amberly Zamora featuring her two Dobermanns, Zia and Storm. When Amberly discovered one of her potted houseplants had been knocked over, she confronted the dogs to see who was to blame. We’re no detectives, but it’s pretty apparent who committed the crimes against foliage when you see how slowly Storm moves. Case closed!

“Zia, was it you?” Amberly asks her female dog. Zia tries her hardest to answer as a human would, making a distinctive “no” sound and then glancing pointedly at Storm. The male dog, meanwhile, is creeping at a snail’s pace at the edge of the room, hoping no one will notice him.

This video is so funny! So far, it’s gotten 14.3 million views, and it’s going more viral by the day. Take a look in the player below, and let us know if you think we accused the right criminal!

You can find the source of this article’s featured image here!

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