Dog Mom Lists All The Quirky Reasons Her Dachshund Is On The Naughty List.

dog naughty list

Santa Claus has been keeping an eye on all the two and four-legged kids of the world to decide which list they’ll be on for Christmas—good or naughty. Most parents believe their children can do no wrong, so, of course, they’ll be on the good list! But one dog mom knows who her fur child is, and she’s prepared to see his stocking filled with coal on December 25 because his name is stamped on the naughty list.


Roswell Weenie’s mom posted a YouTube video compilation that proves all the reasons he didn’t make the cut this year. Those reasons include: stealing his own bag of poo and running wild, having inappropriate relations with a stuffed animal, barking non-stop at nothing, and killing his stuffed bestie.

dog naughty list

We understand how Rosewell’s behavior could spoil Christmas for him, stuffed animal murder is a high crime! But we also think Santa has a lot of forgiveness in his heart. Plus, Rosewell is adorable. So, the dog may get off the naughty list.

You can decide for yourselves though! Watch Roswell’s shenanigans below.

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