Dog Mom Finds Missing Pup In The Last Place She Expected: The Local Bar

missing dog sitting at bar

When this woman’s dog went missing, she was overwhelmed with fear. Bear is small and partially blind, and not equipped to handle harsh winter weather.

But thankfully, he wasn’t in too much trouble. In fact, the dog was quickly found hanging out at the local bar!

missing dog post
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This shih-tzu terrier is small but mighty, and apparently in need of a bit of relaxation at the pub. He wandered off into the streets and became a missing dog.

A missing dog on a vacation, it seemed!

The Milwaukee dog had just wandered down the road and into the local bar.

dogs in the kitchen
This image is from YouTube.

It didn’t take long before Jenny Hazard, his owner, became aware of Bear’s whereabouts. After less than an hour out of the house, Jenny got a text that explained the pup was found at Fink’s Bar.

While his escape certainly caused Jenny a panic, he was just out for a leisurely stroll and a drink!

woman and dog found at bar
This image is from YouTube.

The missing dog made it home safely, though apparently, he had made some pals at the bar!

What a funny ending to a bit of a scare!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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