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Dog Literally Grins Over The Wholesome Morning Routine He Has With His Loving Human Mom.

Close up of a woman holding her dog. The dog is smiling as he's cradled in one of her arms. With her free hand, the woman curls her eyelashes and laughs.

Emily Loewen’s dog, Henry, doesn’t ask for much. Each morning before she goes to work, all he wants is to be fed, briefly taken outside, and held in a very specific way while she gets ready to leave. Okay, so that last demand is a bit unusual, but Henry is unwilling to budge even a little on that part of their morning routine.

In a video Emily shared on TikTok, she explains that, if she doesn’t hold Henry while getting ready, he will paw at her leg until she does. And so each morning, she obliges to his commands. Luckily, he’s so darn cute that, in the end, they both benefit from this ritual.

There are two things about this daily event that make it so darn adorable. For starters, the way Henry loves to be hold is basically identical to how someone would cradle a baby in their arms. But most importantly, in my opinion, is the fact that this causes Henry to grin so widely that it almost looks unreal.

“Henry truly is the king of this castle,” Emily captioned the video.

Watch Henry, the distinguished gentleman, capture hearts with his unique grin in the video below.


Henry truly is the king of this castle.

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