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“I’m Sleeping With One Eye Open,” Cat Mom Shares Feline’s Hilarious Reaction To New Diet Food

Image shows a cat looking down on his owner with vengeance after she put him on a cat food diet.

Hades may be the most appropriately named cat on the planet. During a recent vet visit, Hades was informed that he is no longer the svelte young boy he used to be. On that note, the veterinarian prescribed special cat diet food. Hades does not seem pleased with the new meal plan.

When dealing with cats, one must never forget that the cat is the boss. They will allow you to pet them and socialize, but only on their terms. When they don’t like how things are going, they are masters at retaliation. It is not uncommon for a cat owner to find poop in their shoes. When you do something that displeases your cat, you will know. As in the video above, Hades is letting Emily Anne know she should sleep with one eye open!

Emily Anne has two cats, Apollo and Hades, and they are typically okay with her antics. She can manhandle them or dress them up, and they seem to take it mostly in stride. This cat diet food, though, seems to be a line in the sand for Hades. The look on his little cat face, as he stares down at Emily Anne, is too much. This little animal wants blood.

Image shows a tuxedo cat sniffing inside of a shoe.
Image from TikTok.

Other cat owners understand that look. It means we must watch our backs and shoes until we can somehow get back into our cat’s good graces. My cats start acting funny when they see me packing for a trip. The last thing I do is place all my spare shoes into a closet. As a fellow cat companion, I feel for Emily. This one may take a bit of time to reconcile. Maybe share some beef jerky with him?

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