Dog Helps Cops Save Her Owner After He Falls Through Ice Into Freezing Lake.

Ruby the dog saves her owner, who fell through the ice.

One brave pooch in Michigan proved that dogs really are man’s best friend when she saved her owner from drowning! The 65-year-old had fallen through the ice on Arbutus Lake and into the freezing water. When police arrived, they found the faithful canine, named Ruby, right next to where the man had gone under. As it turned out, she would play a key role in the rescue!


Footage of the incident shows Officer Kammeron Bennetts arriving on the scene with a rescue disc attached to a rope. Unfortunately, the elderly man was too far away for the policeman to reach him with the flotation device, and the treacherous ice made it impossible for him to get any closer. Luckily, Ruby the dog was there to save her owner!


A dog named Ruby helped a police officer rescue her owner after he fell through the ice of Arbutus Lake in Michigan.

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Officer Bennetts called the pooch over, tying the rescue disc to her collar. Then, her owner beckoned her back out onto the ice. Once he got hold of the disc, the officer was able to pull the man to safety! UPI tells us that the elderly gentleman was quickly taken to Munson Medical Center, where they confirmed that he wasn’t seriously harmed by the accident.

Ruby the dog saves her owner, who fell through the ice.
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It’s safe to say that Ruby is a very, very good dog for saving her owner from drowning in Arbutus Lake. These animals are truly loyal, aren’t they? We hope she got plenty of treats for her help!

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