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Dog Found Emaciated On Side Of Road Gets Cutest Sendoff After 20 Days In ER Vet

A woman walks a dog on a leash as he leaves an ER vet. People are lined up, cheering him as he leaves. The dog looks shy but happy, tail wagging.

When Sugar Snap was rescued off the side of a Chicago road, there was no doubt he needed help ASAP. The poor thing was emaciated. More specifically, he only weighed 19 lbs. when he should have been 50 or more. Thankfully, the local shelter One Tail at a Time swooped in just in time, taking the weak dog to an ER vet.

Here, he spent a long 20 days in recovery. Needless to say, his journey so far has been anything but easy. As much as the folks at the ER vet wanted to give him all the food he wanted, it was important that he take things slowly at first. Below is the first video taken of Sugar Snap in the ER. He’s so hungry, he tries to eat the bowl.

@onetailatatime Meet Sugar Snap 💙 He was found emaciated on the side of the road, weighing only 19lbs when he should be 50+, unable to stand or walk. This is the first video we recieved from ER staff of our boy. #rescue #chicago #onetail #doglover #reacuedog #dogsoftiktok #adoption ♬ original sound – OTAT

But with time and a lot of love, this sweet pup grew healthy enough to go from the ER to a foster home. To celebrate this massive milestone, folks at the ER vet lined the halls to give Sugar Snap the send-off he deserves!

Emaciated Dog Gets Joyful Sendoff After 20 Days in ER Vet

@onetailatatime We are so proud if tou, buddy! #sugarsnap #rescue #chicago #onetail #doglover #reacuedog #dogsoftiktok #adopt #adoption ♬ original sound – OTAT

Seeing Sugar Snap’s little tail happily wagging as everyone cheers him on is everything! It’s amazing just how far he’s come in only 20 days. That being said, his road to recovery is far from over. Until he’s available for adoption, he’ll be staying in a foster home.

Luckily, his foster mom couldn’t be a better fit — she was one of his treating veterinarians! In fact, Sugar Snap is thriving in his new home so much, he practically looks like a new dog already. Thankfully, One Tail at a Time is happy to share updates on the little guy.

Dog Sugar Snap looks up at the camera as he lays in his bed. The fur on his legs have been shaved.

“It simply doesn’t even look like the same dog from just one month ago,” they write, sharing a photo. “Sugar Snap is celebrating one week in foster and he’s looking stronger and healthier everyday!”

With so many caring individuals supporting him, Sugar Snap is sure to recover in no time — and we couldn’t be happier for him!

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