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Doctor Shares Hilarious “Versions” Of People Waking From Anesthesia.

man crying

If you’ve ever gotten surgery, you know that anesthesia can cause some really strange effects. This doctor made a video documenting some of the hilarious versions of people waking up from anesthesia!

From fighters to cryers, this video has it all.

man touching eye waking up from anesthesia
This image is from TikTok.

In fact, there is even a type of person who wakes up just to touch their eyes!

Thousands of folks found this doctor’s video on versions of people waking up from anesthesia both hilarious and relatable.

“Just know I have ‘combative coming off anesthesia’ on my chart,” said one viewer.

I can relate. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, they had to call in my brother to settle me down because I wouldn’t stop fighting the doctor! Whoopsies!

“After anesthesia, I usually wake up crying asking for fried chicken. IDK why but it’s happened 3 times already,” commented another fan of the clip. Fried chicken is good, but that does seem odd.

Do you have any hilarious anesthesia stories? A lot can happen when you go under, but this doc is making it not seem so strange.

Check out this doctor’s full video on the versions of people waking up from anesthesia below!

The featured images for this post are from TikTok.

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