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It May Be The “Happiest Place On Earth,” But These Kids Are The Stuff Of Disney Nightmares.

Children having a meltdown at amusement parks can be traumatic.

Families frequently vacation at amusement parks. Walt Disney uses the slogan “The happiest place on earth” to describe their theme parks. Although that moniker may describe most days, we found some kids having meltdowns at amusement parks who wanted no part of the “amusement” offered.

1. Little Gavin Nopes Right Out Of Participation

This sullen little guy is mad at Dad and pouting. We think he’s adorable anyway!

2. This Kid Seriously Doesn’t Want To Be There

This young man fears heights and is entering to ride the Soarin’ Over California at Disneyland. It is a flight simulator with moving seats and gives the feeling of flying in an airplane. It would scare me, too, kid. Although initially told he can’t leave, his escort lets him off the ride toward the end of this video. Sometimes you have to give in.

3. Stella’s Meltdown At The Amusement Park Is Calm And Reasonable

This young girl has a reasoned approach to her tantrum. If only all kids were like this! Watch her (sort of) calmly tell her dad that he is “missing the point.”

4. Epic Meltdown At The Amusement Park Results In Fireman’s Carry For The Win!

This dad is more patient than many. He used a combination of a fireman’s carry and walking his child across the park. This boy has an epic meltdown at the amusement park lasting more than 5 minutes. We need to note that amusement parks can overstimulate children. Please do not pass any judgment on this child or his parents. We think these parents did a good job of trying to calm their son. If you watch to the end, you’ll hear both parents working to get the boy to breathe and calm.

6. IDC Either, Little Dude, But You Gotta

After that last tantrum, this is another pretty quiet and restrained one.

6. At The End Of The Day, They Don’t Want To Leave

No matter how many tantrums they have during a day at the amusement park, this is a fitting end. They never want to leave at the end of the day. This little girl got a lasting surprise, ending her tantrum, and a promise for the future.

If you have ever taken your children to an amusement park or even the local county fair, you KNOW. Disney parks are the stuff of dreams. And a meltdown at an amusement park can be a nightmare. Kids will provide you with the best memories of your life. And they also make you earn your title of “Parent of the Year.” We love our children unconditionally, whether they’re being awesome or awful. If you enjoyed watching this side of creative parenting, please share it with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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