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Disabled Teen With “Gift From The Lord” Wows Crowd With National Anthem 

A teen with a devastating disability brought a crowd to tears with his incredible and emotional performance of the national anthem.

Sawyer McCarthy, 13, was only three months old when his parents first noticed a concerning symptom. He didn’t squint when exposed to sunlight, which prompted them to take him to the doctor for tests.

“When we went to the doctor, they did an MRI of his brain and told us he was missing the middle of his brain, the midline structure,” his mother, Brianna McCarthy, told WIS News 10. Ultimately, Sawyer was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Optic nerve hypoplasia is a condition that affects the development of your child’s optic nerve. It can also target the hormone-producing pituitary gland and the connection between the two halves of your brain. Severe cases may cause blindness or vision impairment.”

However, this disability did not prevent Sawyer from following his talent and passion for music.

“He has the ability to listen to something and harmonize beautifully with it,” Sawyer’s father, Patrick McCarthy, said. “I’m not sure if it’s because he’s blind and his hearing senses are heightened, but he picks up on things and learns them very quickly.”

Teen With Disability Moves Crowd to Tears With Emotional Performace of The National Anthem

Sawyer delivered a beautiful performance of the national anthem at a recent Minor League Baseball game in South Carolina. The entire crowd was silent as he began, taking in his clear and strong voice. Eventually, they began cheering as his voice picked up and wowed the audience. It’s no shock they were brought to tears by the 13-year-old’s talent. The crowd went absolutely wild by the end of the song.

 “I love singing for people, and what can I say? Inspiring others maybe, yeah, to inspire others, and to make people smile,” Sawyer said.

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