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Sanitation Workers Trust Their Instincts And End Up Saving Kidnapped 10-Yr-Old.

Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine of Louisiana were following their typical trash collection route when they noticed a car they’d never seen before in a field.

Both men knew something wasn’t right, so they pulled off the road to block the car in. Their decision ended up saving a little girl in need!

While she was staying at a family member’s home, 10-year-old Jalisa Lasalle suddenly went missing. Her family quickly jumped into action and authorities issued an Amber Alert, describing the vehicle Jalisa was last seen getting into.

As it turned out, it was the same car Dion and Brandon had instinctively blocked in.

Dion was documenting the unfolding events on Facebook Live when the police showed up and placed the driver under arrest. His name is Michael Sereal, and he’s an acquaintance of the family member Jalisa was staying with. He’s now being held in jail without bond.

Thankfully, Jalisa was unharmed in the kidnapping incident. She was evaluated by a medical team and has since been released back to her family.

Word spread about Dion and Brandon’s quick thinking and valiant rescue. People from all over have recognized the men for their heroism, and their employer, Pelican Waste & Debris, even set up a GoFundMe to thank them for their vigilance! Plus, they received “Life Saving Valor Awards” from the city!

Ultimately, the two of them are just happy that Jalisa is OK – and that they were able to prevent the situation from escalating.

In his Facebook Live video, after an officer thanks the men for their actions, Dion says with relief, “She’s safe right now.” The situation affected him all the more because he has a little girl of his own at home.

It’s a testament to Dion and Brandon’s wonderful character that they were willing to put themselves in danger simply because something seemed off about a situation they happened across. They truly are heroes!

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