Photographer Stops People In Street To Capture Their Unique Beauty And The Results Are Stunning.

If you’re ever walking down a city street and Dino Serrao asks to take your picture, say yes.

You may be surprised by the way you look through his camera lens. Dino is a street photographer who aims to capture everyone’s unique beauty, one impromptu photo shoot at a time.

Dino is Italian, but he currently lives in Oslo, Norway. He travels the world for his “Street Portraits,” capturing everyday people and showing them just how beautiful they really are.

Even those who are initially hesitant to pose for him wind up astounded by the way he captures an inner light they didn’t even realize they had.

Dino’s Facebook page describes his project as “taking photographs of strangers around the world to show the beauty inside ordinary people.” The page added, “He believes beauty is in everybody, everywhere and that his work makes the invisible visible.”

His portraits feature real people who were just going about their business when he asked if he could photograph them. He uses a still camera for the actual portraits, but he also has a video camera following him to capture the entire shoot, from the point when he asks total strangers for permission to the moment they see the results.

Oftentimes, the stories behind the photo shoots are as mesmerizing as the images he captures. Watch as he discovers a “warrior” sitting on a bench in the middle of the city.

Incredible, right? It’s delightful to see the way he captures each person’s personal style and celebrates the wrinkles, lines, and so-called “flaws” that make them uniquely them.

One of our favorite encounters is the one Dino had with an older woman in Italy. He approaches her and asks to take her picture, but she declines because she’s “too old.” When he tells her he will delete all of the photos if she doesn’t like them, she finally says yes.

At the end, even she can’t deny she looks lovely!

There’s literally no one who Dino won’t approach to photograph. He follows his creative instincts and talks to anyone who catches his attention. The truly amazing part is the way he pulls out the essence of each person and lays their inner spirit bare for everyone to see. That, friends, is raw talent!

In case you doubted us when we said he’d approach anyone… here he is taking pictures of a member of the Royal Guard!

Looking at Dino’s pictures reminds us that age, race, gender, and lifestyle ultimately don’t mean a thing when it comes to beauty. True beauty comes from the soul, and Dino has found a way to share that light with the world.

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