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Did Anyone See That? Golden Retriever Makes Sure No One Witnessed Him Tripping!

This golden retriever was a little embarrassed after his fall.

Have you ever taken a spill in public and hoped that no one saw? Well, this golden retriever on TikTok felt exactly the same way! A hilarious viral video shared by his human shows the dog tearing across the grass with a stick in his mouth, as happy as can be. In the next moment, he trips mid-run and falls over! He lays down on the floor for a minute, clearly mortified.

What’s especially funny about this video is the way the dog looks around to make sure no one was watching when he fell. We tend to think of embarrassment as more of a human experience, but clearly our four-legged friends aren’t immune!

Watch the video below to see this golden-retriever’s hilarious reaction after falling down.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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