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Deputy Finds Hungry Children On Domestic Dispute Call, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands.

A deputy was moved by a family's situation.

When Deputy Ryan Weiner responded to a call about a domestic dispute in the Denver area, he found a situation that broke his heart. Two hungry boys were without food as the result of a caregiver’s outburst. The young men were being raised by their great-grandmother, 71-year-old Vicki Green. During an argument, her partner decided to punish his family where it would hurt most.

“He ate these two last hot dogs in the house that were supposed to be for the boys and made them just sit there and watch while he ate them,” Weiner recounted, according to WBTV. “As a father and as a parent and just as a good human being like that just felt so vengeful and so mean.”

A deputy was moved by a family's situation.
Screengrab from Lucy Kafanov/YouTube

Once the deputy heard what had happened, he didn’t have the heart to leave the family without trying to help. So, he headed over to a local store and bought a few bags of groceries to restock their kitchen. Weiner says that he isn’t usually able to do things like that, but in this case he felt compelled to make the time.

“I see a lot of suffering on the job. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of time to follow up because we’re call to call to call to call,” he said. “I just knew there was something that I could do and I didn’t want to leave having that feeling later, knowing that in that situation I could do more.”

Weiner bought food for the family, especially their two boys.
Screengrab from Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Vicki couldn’t have been more grateful for the officer’s kindness. In fact, his gesture brought her to tears, as shown in the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office footage from the incident on Facebook.

“It was not just an obligation or a duty. I think he did it because he cared,” she said, WBTV reports. “He was a blessing. He was, I was not his, he was my blessing.”

Vicki was incredibly grateful for the deputy's act of kindness.
Screengrab from Lucy Kafanov/YouTube

Meanwhile, Deputy Weiner said that he was “grateful” that he was able to offer the family a temporary solution in their time of crisis.

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