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Nurse Finds Baby Abandoned In Hospital Bathroom — 19 Yrs Later, They Return To The Scene.

Victoria hugs the hospital worker who found her as a baby.

Claudia Beadle has been working as a cardiac technician for almost 40 years, but one day still stands out in her memory. In 2004, the hospital worker went to the bathroom during a break at Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island. There, she made a heartbreaking discovery. A baby had been abandoned behind the toilet, left in a blanket on the floor. She was only days old.

As it turns out, the baby girl couldn’t have been found by a better person. Claudia immediately took the child under her wing, looking after her as long as she remained in the hospital. When she was adopted by her current parents Angela and Dennis, the hospital worker remained in touch. However, it wasn’t until recently that the young woman, named Victoria, heard the full story.

Victoria has been adopted by a wonderful family.
Screengrab from Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube

At the age of 19, Victoria found out that her family’s longtime friend was actually the woman who rescued her. Recently, the pair revisited the place where they first met. Once a bathroom, the location has now been converted into an electrical closet.

“Walking in here was definitely emotional,” Victoria told Eyewitness News ABC7 New York. “It definitely felt a little overwhelming. But it was really nice to see kind of the place where I was left.”

Victoria hugs the hospital worker who found her as a baby.
Screengrab from PIX 11 News/YouTube

Victoria isn’t the only adopted sibling in her family. She has two brothers, one of whom was also found abandoned in Staten Island. Frank, 21, was left behind at day care less than a year before Victoria. Their mom says that it’s only been a few months since she told her kids how and where they were discovered.

Curious to learn more about their birth families, Frank and Victoria took DNA tests. This led to an almost unbelievable revelation — the two are actually biological siblings as well as adopted siblings!

It turns out that Victoria and Frank are biological siblings.
Screengrab from Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube

“It was meant to be,” said Angela, according to The Hill.

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