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Deployed Soldier Calls In The Troops To Bring Rescue Cat Home With Her.

Sergeant Kelsey and Sergeant Whiskers

Pets have a way of making any situation just a little bit easier.

This is even true overseas, where our service men and women frequently fall in love with stray animals they encounter while deployed. Sadly, when their deployment is over, it can be nearly impossible to bring those fur babies home.

Nonprofit organizations like Guardians of Rescue work to get those beloved pets back to the U.S. to be reunited with their new parents. Guardians of Rescue recently began fighting to get an orange kitty named Sergeant Whiskers back home, and her story is just too cute.

It all started when Sergeant Kelsey, a U.S. soldier who’s currently serving in the Middle East, noticed a young cat hanging around the office tent just a few weeks into her tour of duty. The cat was in bad shape, malnourished, sick, wounded, and so weak she could hardly walk. Kelsey couldn’t help but take care of her, giving her a name and feeding her. In return, the feline gave her soldier comfort, happiness, and furry solace.

Sergeant Whiskers grew stronger, and one day she paid her savior the highest compliment a mama cat could: She brought her babies over!

Two tiny kittens joined their mother at the military base, quickly bonding with another sergeant serving there. As the soldiers’ tours began coming to a close, Guardians of Rescue hoped to raise the money needed to bring Sergeant Whiskers and her babies home! Kelsey planned to adopt the mama cat, while the kittens would go live with her colleague.

“Soon, Kelsey and her team will be returning to the U.S. and cannot leave their new family members behind to an unthinkable fate,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “She is asking for our help to bring Whiskers home to America through ‘No Buddy Left Behind’ — our program dedicated to members of our military and their rescued pets.”

These rescue operations are difficult and expensive to pull off, but they mean so much to the soldiers who keep us safe overseas!

If you’re able to chip in just a few dollars — even $5 — and share their story, everything makes a difference because kindness adds up. We’re deeply grateful to you for being there for every animal in need, and together we will bring Sergeant Whiskers home; it’s the least we can do for Sergeant Kelsey, and saving animals from a life of suffering is what we do.

The organization asked for donations here, and people delivered! With everyone chipping in, Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens, Archie and Finnegan, made it to the U.S. The beautiful cats couldn’t be happier in their new forever homes, and neither could the soldiers who are making those homes so perfect!

“I feel incredible, you have no idea how happy and whole my heart feels right now,” Kelsey told Guardians Of Rescue.

These charities do such good work for our military members! Thanks for your service, Kelsey, and thank you for caring for this cat and her babies.

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