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“Deployed” Dad Joins Daughter’s Class On Zoom — Seconds Later He Walks In The Room!

A man in a military uniform kisses the top of his daughter’s head as they hug in a classroom.

Charlie couldn’t be more proud of her military dad, Sergeant Seth Wiggins. That’s why, when given the opportunity at school, she chose to give a presentation about Seth and his life in the military. Because Seth was overseas, he decided he’d watch Charlie give the presentation over a Zoom call. At least that’s what Charlie thought their plan entailed.

In reality, Seth had the best trick up his sleeve. He was actually already back home, and he wanted to reveal this to his daughter in the best way. Sitting just rooms away from Charlie’s class, he joined their Zoom call, pretending to still be in another country. Soon, “internet issues” began to affect his ability to hear Charlie and the rest of her class.

Once it seemed they fell for his fake technical issues, Seth turned off the call and stealthily made his way to Charlie. As soon as he walked in the room, her classmates’ jaws fell to floor. In seconds, Charlie ran into her dad’s arms, sobbing tears of joy. After a moment, the room erupted with cheers in celebration of this beautiful moment.

Watch Seth pull off the most heartwarming surprise for Charlie in the video below.

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