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15 Accidental Renaissance Photos That Prove If A Concept Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It!

dramatic images of chess and meeting

The Renaissance was a period of innovation, humanity, and culture. Renaissance artists captured the essence of life in dramatic, idealistic portrayals. They pushed the boundaries of what art meant at the time.

In 2016, the Accidental Renaissance trend was born. In this new renaissance, photographers captured moments of everyday life with the same drama and idealism of the original movement. Some of these photos are thought-provoking, while others are silly reminders that the human experience is unfolding in a vibrant, playful way all around us. (And sure, some of the photos might technically look more like Baroque art then Renaissance art, but they’re still cool, okay?)

Scroll through this awesome collection of Accidental Renaissance photos and ponder the way art is nestled in every corner of our daily lives.

1. They say art imitates life, but I think cats imitate art.

2. Further prove of the above hypothesis.

3. A dramatic meeting right in 1941.

4. Beauty is just outside the window.

5. A moment of pure joy amidst pure transit chaos.

6. A family prepares for dinner.

7. A snapshot of elder wisdom.

8. A snapshot of refuge.

9. A child finds rest.

10. People gather to share tea.

11. It’s hard to believe this isn’t actually a painting!

12. A casual cat once again making an artistic point.

13. Renaissance drama and perspective, captured simply.

14. A simple game of chess with a not-so-simple background.

15. Kitty contemplation.

While it’s true that these pieces may not all resemble the Renaissance period, they are proof of a new renaissance: capturing the beauty and humanity that is all around us.

The featured image for this post comes from here and here.

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