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Cancer Ruined Dad’s Teeth But Entire Family Breaks Down After Dentist’s Gift.

When you have the sort of talent that can change a person’s life, it’s your duty to do work pro-bono now and then.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead is a dentist in Marshall, Texas, who understands the importance of having a great smile. The dentist specializes in restoring and brightening broken teeth, and he knows all too well how damaged teeth can erode a patient’s confidence and affect every aspect of their life.


When Dr. Wilstead heard about David Cowart, he knew he had to help give him a reason to smile again. David has been fighting for his life against cancer, and four years of intense treatments ruined his teeth. David was so self-conscious about his smile that he started pulling his top lip down to cover his teeth, and he refused to smile for fear of being stared at. It had gotten so bad that he didn’t even want to leave his house.


David visited Dr. Wilstead with his wife, Kimberly, and their teenage son. Concerned the doctor’s offer to correct his smile was “a scam,” the family was trying not to get their hopes up too high as they sat in the exam room. David’s son tearfully told the doctor that in spite of his father’s weakened appearance, he still sees him as the strongest person he knows because he beat cancer.

“I love him as the person he is, and I know that to me he’s the best man alive so I think he’s stronger than anybody else I know because he has to go through cancer and he has to lose his teeth,” the young man explained through his tears. “It would be nice for him to be able to go out and be able to smile and be able to show to the world that he’s more than just cancer. That’s why I thank y’all because y’all gave him a chance to really live.”


“I don’t leave the house, my upper lip didn’t used to be this long, I hold my lip down the whole time to cover my teeth so it’s made my face look weird,” David explained.

After Dr. Wilstead worked on David’s teeth, be brought the family back to the exam room to unveil the man’s new and improved smile. The results of the restoration are nothing short of incredible, and David couldn’t stop staring at himself in the mirror.


David is so excited by what he sees that he instantly jumped up to give the dentist a huge hug. His wife is fighting back tears as she sees the confidence coming back to her husband’s demeanor. The change is truly incredible!

“You’ve been through enough, buddy,” Dr. Wilstead says as he gives David another hug.


David and his family couldn’t be happier with the results, and Dr. Wilstead gets the satisfaction of knowing that his talents will change this patient’s entire life. Now David can put his illness behind him and focus on the future, which is truly something to smile about!

Watch David seeing his new smile for the first time in the video below, and be sure to share.

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