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Delivery Driver Can’t Escape From The Cutest Stalker On The Planet

A delivery driver dropping off a package.

Usually it’s kind of scary for a delivery driver when a resident’s pet chases them back to their vehicle, but this tiny kitten might be an exception! In an cute viral video, one employee can’t seem to drop off a package without this little cat following him around. Footage shows the driver carrying the kitty back to the porch, then running to his van. However, this feline wouldn’t be discouraged!

Even after being picked up and returned to the front steps of their home, the kitten was determined to catch up with the delivery driver. As the man sprinted back to his car, the small cat followed in hot pursuit! He couldn’t help laughing at the hilarious situation.

Thankfully, it looks like the delivery driver made it inside the vehicle just in time to shut the door before the kitten could get to him. This mischievous pet would just have to wait until another package arrived to try again!

Many commenters were a little concerned for the tiny cat’s safety. We’re not sure why the animal was outside all alone and unsupervised, but quite a few users advised the owners to keep the little critter in the house!

“Please keep that kitten inside,” one person wrote. “This is so cute but he’s too little to be outside on his own.”

Did this kitten adopt the delivery driver?

A delivery driver dropping off a package.
Photo by Super Straho on Unsplash

Some people had a different interpretation of the events. Since the kitten wouldn’t stop following the delivery driver, a few commenters claimed that the tiny cat now belonged to him!

“The cat distribution system has bestowed this driver to that kitten,” one commenter wrote.

“You didn’t choose the cat,” said another. “The cat chose you.”

Perhaps this kitten wanted to make friends with the delivery driver, or maybe they just wanted a ride in the van. Either way, this video is just too adorable!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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