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Tiny Chihuahua Takes On Opponent Way Out Of Her Weight Class

Left image shows a brave Chihuahua barking at a moose. Right image shows a moose cow and calf strolling through a residential area.

Anyone familiar with Chihuahuas knows they are very ferocious and protective dogs. While most weigh less than ten pounds, they will challenge animals much larger. Such was the case when a tiny 6-pound Chihuahua decided to take on a full-grown moose!

There is a sturdy (and tall) fence between the chihuahua and the moose, so he is in no real danger. However, barking at a critter much larger than oneself is a poor life choice. It is common for moose to stray into residential areas in Alaska, where this interaction occurred. Most residents understand the local wildlife and leave wild animals alone.

The Chihuahua was in full protective mode and felt it had to defend its yard against this intruder. After making its presence known and receiving the moose’s answer, the dog turned and walked calmly away. The moose would normally ignore the tiny dog, but the original poster noticed something interesting. The moose was a cow with a young one in tow.

Living in a place where nature intersects with city life is amazing. Watching the momma moose escort her baby is one of the many benefits. The small, wobbly little moose, barely able to walk, is under the watchful eyes of its protective mom. After wandering through the residential area, they eventually return to their woody habitat.

Moose And Humans (And Chihuahuas) Have Occasional Interactions

Our little Chihuahua friend might have regretted his earlier life choices when he went to sleep. He was whimpering in his sleep. It could have been nightmares. Or he could have been dreaming about his heroic actions if that silly fence hadn’t been in his way!

Image shows a tiny Chihuahua having a nap after tangling with a full-grown moose.
Image from TikTok.

Moose are typically shy and will avoid human interaction, but there have been plenty of encounters. A young soldier met a baby moose who thought the man might be its mom. The calf was reunited with its real mom. In Canada, a driving instructor watched a mom escorting a newborn calf across a road. Although moose can be dangerous animals, most moose-human interactions we hear about have a happy ending.

We’re glad the fence was there to keep the Chihuahua safe from the moose and to protect the baby moose from the tiny dog. If you enjoyed this little adventure, please share the story of this brave little dog.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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