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Sweet Little Boy Chases After Daddy To Tell Him 1 Important Thing Before Work.

declan and dad

Some viral videos make you laugh and say, “aw!” all at the same time, and this is definitely one of those videos.

One morning in their Newport Beach, California, home, Jeff and Heather Greenman were getting ready to start their days when Heather decided to take a video of their son, Declan. Clad only in a diaper, T-shirt, and bedhead, little Declan was seeing his dad off to work in a rather unusual way.

little boy loves his dad

“Be a good fart machine today!” Declan called out cheerfully as Jeff headed towards the door. “Go to work and be a good fart machine!” he repeats.

“That’s what I do all day!” Jeff replies, telling his son to also be a good fart machine that day.


The video would be cute and funny enough just because of this bizarre inside-joke, but then Declan comes to a sudden realization that elevates the clip to a new level of adorable. As Jeff closes the door behind him, he calls out, “Love you!” Heather follows Declan into the living room, only to see her son looking distraught as he realizes he didn’t say “I love you” back.

“I didn’t say I love my dad,” Declan says urgently as he starts trucking towards the front door. “Daddy! Daaaaaaaddy!” He bellows as he runs out of the house.


Heather follows hot on his heels, and in the driveway, the little boy catches up to his pops and makes sure Jeff knows how much he’s loved before he heads to the office. “I love you,” Declan says one more time, and then, for good measure, he points towards the ground and says, “I love that water.”


Poor little Declan heads back into the house, and he seems so sad to say goodbye to his dad for the day. What a little sweetheart!

After the brief video of Declan saying goodbye to his dad went viral, Jeff took to Facebook to clear up a few questions commenters had raised:


“I am the dad in this video, still have no clue how this went viral but my family is so happy to see the loving responses and emotions it brought. Couple things…I am not a pharmacist but have been known to be an occasional fart machine.”


What a silly little family.

Watch the cute clip below, and please share to make someone smile today!

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