This Baby Donkey Can’t Get Enough Of Her Dad’s Singing And Our Hearts Are Melting.

Dawn Fagan describes herself as a “Detroit city girl,” but she couldn’t be happier with her new life in the country.

These days, she and her husband Dean are living the dream on their farm in Marengo, Ohio, where they care for miniature donkeys. In June, they welcomed Ivy into their fold and quickly learned there’s nothing the foal loves more than the sound of Dean’s voice!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Dean a donkey whisperer. They all adore him! But he shares a particularly special bond with Ivy.

The little one was just 10 days old when their relationship launched her into online stardom. That day, Dawn recorded her falling asleep in Dean’s arms as he softly sang Burt Bacharach’s “What The World Needs Now Is Love.”

Almost instantly, the adorable video went viral on TikTok and melted the hearts of millions!


WHAT WE ALL NEED Now Love sweet Love! #fyp #foal #donkey #bekind #love #equine #farmlife #babyanimals @ellendegeneres @officialarnold #ranchlife

♬ original sound – dawnlynn57

People just can’t get enough of the sweet bond between Dean and Ivy. In fact, they adore the pair almost as much as this foal loves her human dad!

“Baby Ivy cannot get enough of his singing and waits for him to pick her up,” Dawn explained. As far as she’s concerned, they’re a match made in heaven!

Of course, Ivy isn’t Dean’s only four-legged fan. He gives plenty of attention to the other residents of the farm, who find his crooning just as soothing.

While these donkeys can’t speak, they’ve made one thing perfectly clear: The farm wouldn’t be the same without Dean’s peaceful music!


Thanks everyone, it’s been fun and here’s to our dancing donkey, #fyp #donkey #dancing #ranchlife #ohiofarm #farm #minidonkeys #donks #minidonkey

♬ original sound – dawnlynn57

This might just be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! Each donkey’s reaction to Dean is beyond precious, and the way he looks at them so lovingly is even sweeter! It’s no wonder Dawn can’t stop smiling.

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