Rescued Pit Bull Won’t Stop Climbing Into Hammock With New Parents And It’s Adorable.

One of the things that makes dogs so wonderful is their incredible capacity to love and forgive, even after they suffer abuse.

Despite the stereotypes, pit bulls are among the most affectionate pups out there! Unfortunately, they’re also a commonly exploited breed. When Katharine brought Bubby home in April, he wasn’t doing well, but she could see the sweet, silly boy just waiting to come out.

Bubby has had a rough past, to say the least. Used as bait in a dog fighting ring, he was eventually rescued — only to be locked in a garage for two months by his new owners. By the time he found Katharine, he was afraid to touch or be touched, but, as his mom quickly learned, he was never broken!

As a park ranger, Katharine works and lives in a national park. She began taking Bubby out on hiking and camping trips to show him the wonder of nature and coax him out of his shell. Little by little, it worked!

bubby in national park

Even after everything he’s been through, Bubby came to trust Katharine and her boyfriend Cody. After just a couple of weeks, he felt comfortable enough to unleash his inner goofball, and he never went back!

These days, Bubby isn’t satisfied unless he’s snuggled up with his people. His favorite spot for cuddles? Katharine and Cody’s hammock, of course!

bubby and katharine in hammock

Whenever either of them is relaxing in the hammock, Bubby climbs right in and makes himself at home.

“He just wants to be where people are all the time,” Katharine said.

bubby and cody in hammock

And when Mom asks for kisses, he delivers! After all, he has her to thank for his amazing new life.

While Katharine has always believed in Bubby, even she is stunned by how easily he’s opened his heart to her!

“He has become a whole new dog physically and emotionally,” she wrote on Instagram. “Watching him open up and discover that he loves people, other dogs, and the outdoors has been the most rewarding thing in my life, and I love my Bubby more than I can say.”

We’re so glad Bubby finally has the family of his dreams! Now he can live out his days as the goofy, loving boy he was always meant to be.

See more of his transformation in the video below, and share this story to encourage more people to give rescue dogs a second chance.

Watch This Sad Pittie Get So Silly And Happy

Whenever his dad's in the hammock, he launches himself in 🥰️

Posted by Pittie Nation on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

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