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Deaf Girl Lip Reads Videos Of Taylor Swift’s “22 Hat” And It’s Too Heartwarming

A content creator reacting to Taylor Swift talking to a fan.

Taylor Swift has always been super sweet to her fans, but what she’s been doing with her hat during her Eras Tour really has us tearing up. While singing through her set from 22, the popstar dons a pretty recognizable outfit. This includes a long, white t-shirt with black and red text, a pair of black shorts, and a black hat. Us Weekly tells us that the end of this set, she usually selects a young fan from the crowd to receive her headgear as a memento!

That’s not all, though. This hat always comes with a big hug from Taylor Swift herself! There are numerous pictures and videos online showing the singer sharing a special moment with fans during the exchange.

Sadly, in many of these clips, it can be hard to make out what the celebrity was saying. Thankfully, one deaf content creator has decided to share her lip reading abilities with us! In a sweet video on social media, the young woman deciphered Taylor Swift’s adorable comments to her fans while gifting them her hat.

In most of these clips, the musician started by asking the chosen fan if she could give them a hug. She also thanked them for coming to her concert. However, each interaction was still unique.

“You have the most beautiful eyes,” the popstar told one little girl.

To a small boy, she said, “You’re amazing.”

Now that we actually know what Taylor Swift was saying while giving her hat away to her young fans, this gesture is even sweeter! Commenters were touched when they heard the lip-reading interpretation of her words.

A content creator reacting to Taylor Swift talking to a fan.
Screengrab from TikTok

“I love that she always asks permission and doesn’t assume they want to hug her just because she’s Taylor Swift,” wrote one user.

Another joked, “If Taylor Swift told me I have beautiful eyes I would put it on my resume.”

Even if you’re not a Swiftie, you’ve got to admit that Taylor’s interactions with her fans are way too cute!

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