Quick-Thinking Teen Rushes Into Traffic To Whisk 3-Yr-Old Sister Out Of Car’s Path.

We all hope we’ll think quickly on our feet when an emergency arises before our very eyes, but one never really knows. Fifteen-year-old Davyd Henrique Ferreira da Silva, however, can rest easy. If there’s ever a crisis, he’s the person we’d want by our side!

Davyd was with his family in a Rondonópolis, Brazil, shopping center when his fast reflexes diverted a tragedy in the making. He was standing on the street corner when he spotted his 3-year-old sister on the other side of the road. In a flash, the child bolted out into traffic. Davyd was even faster, rushing into the path of a speeding car and whisking the toddler out of danger in the blink of an eye. The car merely brushed her knee, but she was fortunately uninjured.

“At the time, we didn’t grasp the scale of what had happened, but when I took the cameras out, my legs went weak and my eyes filled with water because he’d saved the girl’s life,” said store owner Alex da Silva Marques. “It was cinematic, a heroic act. That girl was born again.”

Davyd didn’t think much of it when it happened, but even if he’d been hit, he would have been OK because he loves his sister so much.

“If the car hit me and I could save her, I would be happy because she is everything to me,” the brave teen explained. “She is the most important person to me.”

Watch his incredible save in the video below, and don’t forget to share this jaw-dropping story.

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