3 Powerful Acts Of Kindness In The Wake Of Hurricane Ida

When times get hard, having others to lean on can make a world of difference.


The people of Louisiana know this all too well when hurricane season comes around, especially in the wake of Hurricane Ida. With the dangers of flooding, devastating power outages, and more, it’s touching to see the ways neighbors are going out of their way to help one another.

In one New Orleans neighborhood, a window to someone’s house blew wide open in the midst of the storm because of the powerful winds.

The people living there probably expected to deal with the damage on their own later, but soon enough, one of their neighbors rushed through the pouring rain with a power drill to close up the window.

In a different neighborhood, torrential downpours caused intense flooding in the streets. Although several houses lost power, a few were lucky enough to maintain theirs.

One of these lucky families noticed that their neighbor across the way lost their power. While they couldn’t do much about that, they could send over some coffee! In a video shared online, a man can be seen carefully making his way through the flood with his precious gift.

New Orleans is known for many wonderful things, including their rich musical culture and friendly nature. Those traits couldn’t have been clearer than in this clip posted to Twitter. In it, you can hear the beautiful sound of a trumpet being played by someone standing in the street. What a lovely way to brighten up an unspeakably stressful day!

Every single person in the area is going through their own struggle due to Hurricane Ida, making these touching acts of kindness nothing short of heroic. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this natural disaster as they recover in the aftermath.

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