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Woman’s Post About The 5 Lives Her Fiancé Saved With Organ Donation Has Web Bawling.

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No matter what happens during our lifetime, we all have the ability to become heroes when we die.

Each day about 20 people die in the United States while waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Every single donation is a sacred gift given by grieving families to others who can still have hope for a brighter future. Although it’s an understandably difficult decision, leaving behind clear instructions for your wishes will help your loved ones make the courageous and selfless choice to save multiple lives.


Corinne Hynes of Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, recently had to make the decision to donate her fiancé’s organs. David Llewellyn was only 28 when he succumbed to a brain tumor, leaving behind his fiancée and their 11-month-old son.


David left a wake of sadness that will take a lifetime to overcome for the people who loved him, but thanks to his final act of altruism, his family can take comfort in knowing that he died as he lived – helping others. His otherwise healthy body was donated to people who’ve been waiting on the organ transplant list for years, turning a terribly sad situation into a miracle for those who received a life-saving donation.

Shortly after David died, Corinne and their family received a letter that detailed the people who received a donation. Incredibly, David’s death enabled five other people to overcome health problems that have plagued them for their entire lives.


“Dear Corrine and family,

As promised, this letter contains information about those who have benefited following David’s donation.

Organ donation saves and transforms the lives of those lucky enough to receive a transplant. I am pleased to tell you that at the time of writing this letter five people have received an organ transplant.

A gentleman in his fifties who had been on the recipient waiting list for over one year received a kidney and pancreas transplant. A young lady in her thirties who had been on the recipient waiting list for over five years also received a kidney transplant.
A gentleman in his fifties received a liver transplant, a young lady in her thirties received a double lung transplant and a gentleman in his fifties received a lifesaving heart transplant.

I hope that this information brings you some comfort and that you feel proud of the difference David has made to others through the gift of organ donation.

Thank you once again and please know that David’s gift can never be underestimated.â€


Corinne shared the letter on Facebook with the simple comment, “You did it, David.” Soon there were thousands of comments from friends, family, and total strangers who were in awe of David’s incredible gift to others.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but enabling them to die with dignity and leave behind a legacy of kindness is something we can all do when the time comes. Please consider becoming an organ donor and alerting your family to your wishes so that you too can become a hero, like David.

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