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Bull Meets His New Cow Girlfriends… But His Reaction Isn’t What Dad Expected!


Animals have standards, too, and this bull showed his dad that he’s a man with a high bar of preferences. When Earl the Bull met some cows that Dad thought he might be interested in, he exhibited an absolutely hilarious response.

This funny video features a bull taking a few steps in the direction of some cows and, after he’s met them, immediately turning around to get back on the truck.

“No, no you can’t get back on the bus,” his dad said in the video. Earl was totally over it.

He had a ton of options and yet, he was ready to go. I think there are a few theories to explain Earl’s potential behavior.

First, this bull may have already had a cow girlfriend at home — in which case he didn’t need to meet all these ladies.

Second, maybe Early is just a homebody. It’s hard to be forced on a date, especially out of your comfort zone.

And finally, as one viewer pointed out, it is Pride Month. Maybe Earl’s just not interested in the ladies.

This image is from Pexels by Ing Joseph.

The comments brought some serious hilarity to this bull-meets-cows situation.

“This is just an udder disappointment,” said one punny viewer.

Another poster suggested that Earl said something like, ““Nothing here but a bunch of heifers.”

It did seem that Earl was rather frustrated with the cow pick his dad provided. Looks like dad isn’t the best wing man after all.

“Earl is the type to check the weather app at a party,” commented another viewer who seemed to agree with me on the Earl/Homebody theory.

Whatever the reason, Earl seems to be very comfortable heading home. Can’t ask for very much more than that!

The featured image for this post is from Pixabay.

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