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Ballpark Fan Spots Dog Posing For Dad & Captures Hilarious Moment On Video.

Dash has always been a really, really good boy, the world just didn’t know it until now.

The 7-year-old Golden retriever lives with his dad, Ande Edlund, in Redmond, a suburb of Seattle. This breed has a famously soft mouth, and on his Instagram, Dash can be seen posing next to all sorts of microbrews without once trying to wet his whistle, and with various tasty edibles in his mouth, such as this fish-shaped stuffed waffle.

dash farmers market

Still other snapshots show him just sitting there at one countertop or the other, patiently waiting for someone to notice him and take his order…

dash yappy hour

He probably would’ve been fine living in obscurity, just as long as his dad appreciated his efforts. But he rose to fame over the summer, when he accompanied Ande to Seattle’s Safeco Field for the annual “Bark at the Park” event.

Dad got him a juicy hot dog smothered in all the trimmings and tucked snugly inside a bun, then got him to hold it for yet another fun photo to share on Instagram.

It’s just this time, someone seated in the stands behind them happened to capture the moment and share it on social media, and it simply exploded from there.

“I am dead,” she says, zooming in to show Ande making a minor adjustment to Dash’s cap. “Oh, my god! He’s not real!”

dash holding hot dog

You can probably count on one hand the number of dogs who have enough willpower to resist scarfing down a hot dog that’s just sitting there on a tabletop within easy reach, but probably none who have Dash’s self restraint.


How long do you think you could sit there with a chocolate bar slowly melting in your mouth before chomping down? 

Watch the short clip that got the world’s attention down below, and share to spread more amazement.

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