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1 Yr After Brother’s Tragic Death, Singer Brings Judges To Tears With Emotional Tribute.


We have seen some brilliant auditions and performances come out of the TV show The X Factor. SomeĀ are quirky, like the audition of this contestant who claimed to be a living doll; some are surprising, like this prison employee who stunned judges with an unexpected voice. But some– like the audition in the video below– are raw and emotional… and those meaningful performances bring both judges and viewers to tears.

The man auditioning in the video below is a cabinet maker from East Sussex named Daryl Markham. He begins his audition by nervously explaining that he had planned to audition for the X Factor a year prior, but his brother’s wedding prevented him from making the audition. Then he drops a huge bomb on he judges…

“Shortly after his wedding, [my brother] was diagnosed with lung cancer,” says Daryl. “And he passed away 6 weeks later.”

Before he is able to begin his song, Daryl is already in tears. Simon asks him if he’s okay to go through with the performance. “I’m determined,” Daryl responds.

Daryl’s audition isn’t only for himself, it’s for his brother and for his brother’s son who Daryl now looks after. His story alone touched the judges’ hearts, but his song had them in tears.

Watch Daryl’s emotional audition below and share.


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