Contestant Claims To Be A ‘Living Doll,’ Baffles Judges With Bizarre Yet Incredible Performance.

judges baffled looking at "living doll" in poofy pink dress

Sada Vidoo is probably the strangest contestant to ever come out of the X Factor. That’s because Sada is the reality show’s first contestant to identify herself as a doll.


When asked her age, Sada says “I’m a doll and I don’t have no age!” When asked her profession, Sada says “I don’t work at the moment because I’m a doll.” It may seem strange but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it! But Sada’s talent isn’t just  being a doll, it’s also singing, and she’s come onto the X Factor to sing Pat Banatar’s hit “Love Is a Battlefield” in hopes of wowing the judges.

And boy does she wow them.

Her performance is… unusual, to say the least. But– despite the stunned and confused expressions on their faces throughout– the judges actually love it!

“Sada, you are fantastically nuts,” says Simon, “and we encourage that. I always think, in auditions, you know, am I gonna remember this? I am certainly gonna remember you. I don’t know whether that was one of the best things I’ve seen or one of the worst things I’ve seen. But that’s a good thing!”

Not only do the judges praise her out-of-the-box audition, but they each give her a yes to continue on in the competition!

“Keep being who you are!” says Simon.

Check out Sada’s audition in the video below.

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