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Petite Gymnast Does Impossibly Flawless Floor Routine.

Imagine practicing for months or years to nail down a routine that few in the world could ever master, then performing it in front of a panel of judges and a televised audience. Add a prop like a rope, ball, or ribbon into the choreography and it becomes infinitely more complicated – it’s just one more thing that could go wrong in a routine that’s meant to be executed with flawless precision.

But this isn’t some imaginary scenario, it’s just what Russian rhythmic gymnast Daria Kondakova did while competing at the World Championships in Montpellier, France. She walked away with a silver medal and it’s easy to see why. At just 20 years old, Daria wowed the judges with an incredibly elegant and stunning performance.


The gold ball she uses as a prop during the performance becomes like an extension of her own body, gliding smoothly along her back, arms, and legs, all while she shifts into unimaginable contortions.


“Beautiful, a combination of ballet, dance and ice-skating,”one commenter wrote.


Another called it a “truly amazing performance,”commenting that its perfection could only have been achieved with “self-discipline, strong determination and lots and lots of practice.â€

If you want to see the result of years of sweat and tears dedicated to perfecting an incredibly difficult craft, click on the clip below. Share to spread amazement!

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