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Professor Ends Semester With Unusual Email, Brings Students To Tears With Touching “Thank You” Letter.

We’ve shared with you before stories of kind professors. There was the professor who babysat a single mother’s children in the hallway while she took an exam, and there was also the educator who assured a mother in his class that she could bring her young baby with her to the course anytime, and even held the baby while he lectured. Now a professor named Jessica Langer is joining their ranks and going viral for over-the-top kindness.

Jessica has been teaching for over a decade. Last semester, she taught a course in marketing and creative industries at Ryerson University in Toronto. At the end of the semester, she always sends an email to students, thanking them for a good semester. But this semester, Jessica felt prompted to write more than a generic “Thank you,” so she wrote the heartfelt email below.

Check out her astounding words of encouragement:



A student in Jessica’s class tweeted the above screenshot of the email, saying “My marketing prof sent us this email and it made me cry because I really needed this.”

The tweet has since gone viral. Students around the world who don’t even know Jessica are saying they plan to print her email out and hold onto it for moments when the need encouragement.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the kind professor explained why she sent the heartfelt email to her class:

“Statistically, at least some of my students are likely to be in home situations where they don’t have an advocate,” she said. “I feel very strongly that my job as a professor is to be a person in my students’ lives who they can trust and who has their best interest in mind, and who can and will advocate for them.”


She added that she wants students to know that, “No one is born knowing how to be.”

“We all have setbacks, even the people who seem to have it all together,” said Jessica. “But your value doesn’t depend on how luck you are, or how successful you are, or how famous or skillful or rich… You matter.”

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