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Dancers’ Powerful Performance Showcases The Heartbreak Of Domestic Violence.

Man holds a woman in his arms, leaning her back. The couple is doing a dance about domestic violence.

The art of telling stories through dance is absolutely breathtaking. This is something that this French couple, Dakota and Nadia, have already mastered in their 20s. It’s no wonder, then, that they chose to take their skills to the France’s Got Talent stage. There, this couple chose to perform a dance that is said to have accurately portrayed domestic violence.

From the start, it’s clear how dedicated both Dakota and Nadia are to making their performance as realistic as possible. This includes using makeup to make it seem as though Nadia has bruises.

Man holds a woman in his arms, leaning her back. The couple is doing a dance about domestic violence.

Figures by Jessie Reyez serves as the perfect music for the couple as they find ways to combine dance moves with movements you might see in a domestic violence situation.

Talented Couple Performs Dance About Domestic Violence

“This captured the real emotion and back and forth of abuse,” one person wrote in the comment section of their performance on YouTube. “Mental and physical abuse is something that’s hard to recognize when you’re in it and nearly impossible to escape alone. They captured that beautifully.”

Their facial expressions and body movements seem effortless. The longer their performance continues, the more the audience can’t help but show how deeply moved they are by the story they’re telling.

A man looks down at his own hands as a woman sits on the floor, arms wrapped around one of his legs.

“This is everything you can possibly want out of such a relevant subject matter and performance,” another person wrote.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be, both physically and emotionally, for Dakota and Nadia to tell such a difficult story through dance. But they do so beautifully, and in a way that has made so many who have lived this story feel seen.

Watch this talented couple perform a dance about domestic violence in the video below. (Content Warning: NSFW language):

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