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Dance Group Pulls Off The “Perfect ‘AGT’ Audition,” Leaving The Judges With 1 Choice.

A large group of people lit up in blue dance in unison in an otherwise pitch black stage on "America's Got Talent."

Over the years, countless incredible dancers have been welcomed on the “America’s Got Talent” stage. This season in particular has included quite a few that are making the competition even tougher than usual. This is something the judges pointed out when a member of Chibi Unity took to the stage to chat before their performance. Still, his energy remained high as he talked about how far him and the rest of the group have come.

While they’ve no doubt come far in many ways, they specifically discussed the literal distance they traveled. Chibi Unity flew in all the way from Japan with the hope that they’d have a chance to ultimately win the competition. This desire came through brilliantly in their audition, which started off simple yet dramatic. The lights went out entirely. After a moment, a single spotlight showed off one of the members.

Just as that person began to dance, more light revealed shadowy figures dancing behind them. As their dance evolved over the course of the song, the large sheet they used to form the shadows was used in other visually interesting ways. By the end, it seemed as though there wasn’t a single person in the audience who wasn’t cheering or on their feet.

“I would say it was the perfect ‘AGT’ audition,” Sofía Vergara said.

With praise like that, it’s no wonder the judges were all in agreement on what to do next with this group. Sure, they could have all voted “yes” to moving them forward, but why do that when an even better option was available?

Watch Chibi Unity blow everyone away with their one-of-a-kind performance in the video below.

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