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Vet Said Dalmatian Would Only Have 3 Puppies, But She Shatters Record With Huge Litter.

An Australian breeder’s stud has certainly lived up to his name. Astro Wonder Boy, a 4-year-old Dalmatian, is the proud new father of 18 — the largest Dalmatian litter in the country’s history and one that matches a world record.

But the massive brood came as a complete shock.When first time mom, 3-yr-old Miley, first went to the vet, they told her owners she would have 3 puppies. But in May, everyone was shocked.


The average size of a Dalmatian litter is between eight and 10 puppies. But as Miley’s stomach grew — and grew, and grew, and then grew some more — Astro’s owner, Langton-Bunker upped that estimate to 15 or 16.

On May 18, Miley was in labor from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and probably more than a little exhausted after giving birth to 12 females and six males.


“It’s been a big journey for all of us,”Langton-Bunker said. “I’m just in awe of Miley and that all the pups have survived is a credit to the quality of her genes, her perseverance, and her good health.â€


Miley’s owner, Jade Martin, is hand-rearing the pups until they’re ready to head off to their new homes on July 22. When she took them to the vet to get microchipped and vaccinated, they had be hauled in on a trolley, and the vet needed an entire of team of assistants to complete the procedures!


Watch the heart-meltingly adorable family in the video below, and share to spread smiles!

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