Cop Goes Above And Beyond To Help Woman He Pulled Over On Her Way To Food Bank.

Dale Quesnel has a soft spot for helping others.

As the deputy sheriff and a K9 handler for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in New York, he has gone out of his way to help strangers dozens of times over the years.

Most of the time, his good deeds go unnoticed, but in this case, his kindness made headlines. It all started when he pulled over a woman who was going a bit too fast on Halloween.

Jeanette Porter was on her way to a local food bank to get diapers for her twin nieces. The diapers were being given away for free, so she was rushing to get there before they ran out of stock.

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When Quesnel pulled her over, she simply said, “Well, I was speeding, I deserved the ticket. You know, ‘It is what it is,’ I totally understand.”


While Jeanette was fully prepared to accept the consequences, Quesnel chose to do something that left her in shock.

“I just got to thinking she didn’t seem like she could afford a traffic ticket, so I didn’t think she could afford diapers either,” he said. So instead of writing her an expensive ticket, he asked her to follow him to a local dollar store so he could buy the kids some diapers.

“Deputy Dale showed me so much compassion,” Jeanette explained. “Not only did he not give me a speeding ticket — which I definitely deserved — but he spent his own money to buy diapers and wipes for my nieces.”


“Thank you for being so nice, and generous, and compassionate,” she continued. “It just shocked me. I just couldn’t believe that a cop would go above and beyond.”

As for Quesnel’s friends, family members, and coworkers, they weren’t surprised to hear that he’d spent his own money to help her out. He is known for being compassionate and empathetic, both on and off the job.

“I guess I’m a soft cop, I don’t know … I like to help people out,” he said with a laugh. “I’ll help her or anybody. I’m not rich, I live like just about everybody else, but I like to help people.”


Spoken like a true public servant! The world could use more helpers like Quesnel. Sometimes what people really need is a little support when they expect it the least.

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